Tuesday, 29 November 2022

Business Insights

A beauty treatment is the beginning of understanding and living a Soft Life. Studies done by Mayo Clinic, US, showed that a massage helps in reducing stress and increasing relaxation, reducing pain and muscle soreness and tension, improving circulation, giving energy and alertness, lowering heart rate and blood pressure.

Growing a business is these uncertain economic and pandemic times require the best possible legal advice for business owners, even in small economies like Zimbabwe. A business owner must get legal advice, representation and services from commercial lawyers for compliance and growth purposes.

To grow, businesses in Africa need market and business intelligence that can only come from environments that are conducive to consume such, which before Cabanga Media Group, was impossible. From its founding in 2019, Cabanga Media Group has built a business ecosystem using media and web technology, for its customers and readers, in eight Africa countries. 

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