Monday, 28 November 2022

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Well-Stocked Operating Rooms are a Necessity for Hospitals

If a surgeon is not properly prepared when they enter the operating room, the risks of complications and even a death are high. It is important to maintain proper tools and supplies to allow for optimal operations in a hospital or emergency rooms.

In South Africa, Surgeries and Operating Rooms in Clinics and Hospitals are required to always be well stocked with necessary tools, consumables, and disposables such as Scalpels, Gauze, Elastic bandages, Adhesive tape, Suture Needles, Bandage Scissors, Tweezers and much more.

It is important for clinics and hospitals to be well stocked because it creates efficiency, and improvements operating rooms. Supplies being well stocked and at hand with safety correct procedures reduce administrative costs, time and stress endured by professional personnel. It is vitally important for Operating Room staff to have purpose-fit custom products in the pre-op theatre that are always immediately available so staff can quickly prepare for any surgery procedure safely and without error.

Surgical procedures providing Operating Room procedure custom trays can begin and end as scheduled, due to having products supporting all aspects of safe efficient surgery immediately at hand. This is due to the entire sterile surgical work up being professionally provided on prepared customized surgical trays in utilizing hospitals, giving Operating Room professionals immediate access to tools your medical skills require for each Operating Room procedure that is undertaken.

Overall, the clinic or hospital's carbon footprint reduction and securing sustainable environmental practices without undermining all safety factors represents both a local and global importance. Custom surgical tray implementation always will drastically reduce the amount of packaging material and waste issues when compared to the use of individually packed and arranged instruments for your procedures.

Operating rooms are considered a significant revenue source, as well as the main source of waste and cost, among the hospital’s departments. Any cost savings in operating rooms will have a broad fiscal impact. Over the last decades, many researchers and practitioners have conducted studies to deal with the issue of managing surgical supplies and instruments, which are highly affected by surgeons’ preferences. There is need for inventory management in medical facilities.

Most medical facilities now have inventory management systems to ensure they are well stocked. A medical inventory management system enables staff to monitor inventory from the time of purchase to consumption and sends out alerts when an item is on the brink of expiry. It therefore ensures best practices and helps doctors avoid costly malpractice suits related to this.

In research done about Health Systems, by Ehsan Ahmadi, et al, from Ohio University, it has been also shown that surgical supplies and instruments should be quickly available to staff for performing the diverse procedures, and the high rate of material availability is often attained by stocking excessive quantities.

Lack of available supplies, especially for expensive items, requires emergency fulfilment that causes additional labour costs, delays in patient treatment, and potentially life-threatening situations for the patient. Since surgical supplies are typically selected by the surgeon without any comparative data, eliminating or even changing an item on the preference card could cause surgeon dissatisfaction. Communication with surgeons and providing them with sufficient information about alternatives can create trust and overcome their concerns about the changes.

Another challenge in controlling surgical supplies and instruments is that inventory between the Core (a storage area surrounded by Operating Rooms (ORs) that is used to support ORs during the procedures) and the ORs themselves is often not tracked using information systems. Thus, there is a gap of information that makes control of inventory even more complicated.

The need for efficient management systems that include not just computer systems, but procedures that enable the management of a well-stocked operating room is especially important and calls for having medical suppliers that are always on standby with relevant stock.

Enter Telox Medical Supplies.

Telox Medical Supplies are "The Medical and Surgical Mavens" in all things surgical supplies in South Africa for medical facilities such as private surgeries, public hospitals, community clinics, government medical facilities, and many more.

Telox Medical Supplies is a medical supplies wholesale business, specialising in consumables, pharmaceutical accessories, toiletries, and medical equipment in South Africa. Telox Medical Supplies provides affordable and accessible surgical, diagnostic, pharmaceutical accessories and personal care products across South Africa and other parts of the region.

Telox (Pty) Limited (Reg. No.: 2013/052748/07), trading as "Telox Medical Supplies" is privately Black owned South African Company, founded in 2013 with the aim to provide quality products at competitive pricing that promotes health professional and patients with safety conditions during any treatment conducted. Telox Medical Supplies is a B-BBEE Level certified contributor, with a 135% empowered profile.

Telox Medical Supplies, supplies Disposal Laparoscopic Instruments that include Disposable Suction Tube, Disposable Surgical Trocars 5mm/10mm, Disposable Specimen Bag, Sample Bag, Single Use Laparoscopic Bipolar Forceps, Disposable Endo Linear Cutter Stapler, Disposable Circular Stapler for Haemorrhoids, Single Use Laparoscopic Scissors, Single Port Trocars, Disposable Circumcision Staplers, Disposable Bladeless Trocar 5mm, Specimen Retrieval Pouch, Disposable Linear Cutter Used in Endoscopic Instruments, Disposable Trocar and Cannula, Disposable Veress Needle, Disposable Endo Cutter and Reloads, and more.

Telox Medical Supplies is licensed to import Medical Supplies, and Pharmaceutical Accessories from across the globe. Telox Medical Supplies also is licensed to export from South Africa by SARS (Reg. No.: CUS0037207).

Telox Medical Supplies is available for all Operating Rooms, Emergency Rooms, and Surgeries in South Africa, to supply surgical accessories.

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